Financing Mining Industry

Financing Global Mining Industry, Metals, and Minerals Processing

Financing Global Mining Industry

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Financing Global Mining Projects
We have an unbroken commitment of more than 150 years' financing mining companies.

OPEC Banks' Mining & Exploration Finance Division provides debt and equity capital for global mining companies to build projects that can benefit the owners, investors, and local communities.

OPEC Banks' Mining & Exploration Finance Division offers an integrated approach that combines our traditional Guaranteed Lowest Interest Rates, matchless financing programs, unrivallled industry expertise, and assistance in maximizing projects' social benefits while minimizing their environmental impacts.

OPEC Banks' Mining & Exploration Finance Division unique offering makes it ideally suited as a long-term partner for developers and producers, particularly market juniors.   
★★★ Unsurpassed Global Reach
Including geologists and mining engineers, the team's deep industry experience and technical knowledge enables robust evaluation of opportunities in both the advanced exploration and early development phases of projects.

★★★ International lending and equity investment capability;
★★★ Performance bonds and guarantees;
★★★ Project finance and commercial loans;
★★★ Corporate debt;
★★★ Working capital facilities;
★★★ Acquisition loans;
★★★ mezzanine loans. 
Financing world's major mining industries, precious and base metals, minerals processing companies, gold, silver, platinum, and industrial metals producers from US$5,000,000 up to NO LIMIT Always Enhanced by our Traditional:
and Attractive Terms.
Need financing for your Mining Industry, Minerals Processing Company, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Diamonds, or and Industrial Metals Project?

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