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The United World Banks' Hospitality Finance Division has over 200-years of experience working with all types of the hotel properties worldwide.

We understand the tourism and hospitality sector is always impacted by the consumer discretionary spending, with wide variations across the world.

The specialist at the United World Banks' Hospitality Finance Division, recognize these implications and work with you to make the most of challenges and opportunities in order to support your day-to-day and financial needs.

We can deliver multifaceted and long-term financing programs to support your new acquisitions and re-financing needs, as well as a suite of risk management, cash management, payment and receivables solutions to provide a full customer support and help your business optimize its liquidity. 
By understanding the specific needs of the hotel industry, we are able to offer you our:

★★★ Matchless financing programs;

★★★ Demonstrated expertise in all areas of the tourism and hospitality sectors;

★★★ Broad and unparalleled global reach;

★★★ And most importantly, our traditional Guaranteed Lowest Interest Rates to help you meet your ultimate financial goals. 


Financing World's Major Hotels, Resorts, Casinos, Golf Courses, Tourism Industry, Airlines, Restaurant and Coffee Shop Franchises, Cruise Ships, Spas, and Marina Projects from US$5,000,000 up to NO LIMIT -- Always Enhanced by our Traditional: 


And Attractive Terms
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