Financing Commercial Real Estate

Financing Residential, Commercial & Industrial Real Estate Development

Financing Residential, Commercial and Industrial Real Estate Development

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Real Estate Development & Mortgage Financing

OPEC Banks' Real Estate Finance Division is providing construction project financing and commercial mortgages to global real estate companies on a specialized basis for over a century.

As such, we have accumulated extensive experience in the structuring and the provision of credit facilities for land development, single & multi-family homes, high and low-rise condominiums, commercial and industrial properties, and multi-unit residential facilities.

OPEC Banks' Real-Estate Finance Division offers matchless financing programs and guaranteed lowest interest rates, to public corporations, private equity groups, and individuals owning or acquiring commercial real estate assets across the five continents. 

Property types include hotel and lodging, industrial, manufactured housing, multifamily facilities, office, and retail.   
Need Financing for Your Major Commercial, Residential, or an Industrial Real Estate Development, Multi & Single-Family Housing Construction, Apartments & Office Buildings, Condominiums, or a Hotel Project - Mortgage Loan?

We Have All You May Need - From Start to Finish.

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